Word of Dean

Word of Dean

Dr. Youcef Gasmi

The Faculty of Humanities has the honor to welcome its visitors via its electronic portal, to link communication and to reinforce the cooperation between the students, the professor and the site's Internet users, and to provide information and new information on educational and scientific life.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of the seven largest colleges of the University of May 8, 1945 in number of students, estimated at 3193 students, including 505 men and 2688 women.

* The study includes 2572 students and 621 postgraduate students (in addition to a total of 11 doctoral students and 18 doctoral students), divided into 60 departments, respectively: Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology, Department of Philosophy, Department of Information, Communication and Librarianship, Department of History, Department of Archeology, as well as the Humanities Branch of the Common Vault.

The pedagogical structure and cognitive components of our faculty are mainly focused on: the preparation of a balanced intellectual and intellectual thinker, social interaction, creator of public opinion and media awareness, founder and notoriety of knowledge and work functional, immunity to memory and creator of historical consciousness and the construction of national and human sense. Finally, the octagon of the cultural heritage and its symbols preserves the cultural heritage of the generations and their archaeological balance, because of the importance of the economic, cultural and human aspects.

* Based on this vital and strategic role (build the right individual socially and humanely integrated) elite

Of the professors, more than 115 professors are divided among 15 professors of professors, 18 holders of class B and 80 assistant professors A and B.

50 classrooms, 50 conference rooms, 40 automated information rooms and a rich library, with more than 8514 titles in Arabic and French, 58 glossaries and 388 scientific encyclopedias. In addition to a research laboratory on the Maghreb and historical studies, as well as many active scientific and cultural clubs.

* The college's deanship consists of 50 floors with various interests and 57 employees and 29 employees.

* As a general rule, our college has big ambitions. He is a candidate and qualified to achieve the quality of training and higher education, as well as the resettlement of scientific research to develop his horizons, as well as the activation of cultural life and a positive and creative interaction with the social and economic environment to promote the community and the national project for better future expectations.

* Through this window, we call on all members of the college and external universities to contribute actively to the presentation of their initiatives and proposals in order to establish a spirit of trust and cooperation and to progress in the development of joint work so as to effective, creative and globally. 


Dean of the Faculty
Dr. Yousef Gasmi



Contact information:

Phone / Fax:

(+213) 37 11 21 84




Is responsible for the administration of the affairs of the college and has the authority to sign by the rector in certain administrative aspects and in accordance with article 33 of the executive decree n ° 01/273 of 18/09/2001, which provides in particular the creation of a Guelma University.


- A secondary disbursement order for the management credits delegated to him by the rector.

Peaceful authority is exercised and exercised by all officials under its authority.

- Attend faculty council meetings and execute decisions.