Vice Dean of Post Graduation


Dr. Om essaad Abderrahmane Mekki

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Secretariat of the prosecution:

Ms. Siddiqui Juma

Rank: Main Annex

Interest in the follow-up of research:

Ms. Amiri is wise

Rank: Admin

Department of Cooperation and External Relations:

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The Associate Dean for Postgraduate, Scientific Research and External Relations will carry out the following tasks: (Joint Ministerial Decision of 24 August 2004:

- Follow-up of post-graduation exams

- Take or propose the necessary procedures to ensure the advancement of the post-gradient configuration

- Follow-up of scientific research activities

- Initiate partnerships with the social and economic sectors

- Initiate work to activate and support cooperation between national and international universities

- Implementation of the program aimed at improving the level of teachers and renewing their information

- Follow the progress of the scientific council of the college and maintain its archives.

- Regular meetings with doctoral students and a new system for the M-D and keep them updated.

Dean's Office Secretariat:

Organize incoming and outgoing mail and transfer it to the appropriate interests
Coordination between the interests of the public prosecutor
Ensure the work of the scientific council:
* Send invitations to members
* Reception of the files sent by the scientific committees of the departments

* Transfer them to the relevant departments for review and examination, then submit them to the college's scientific council

* Writing the minutes of the scientific council and distribution to all members of the council

* Distribution of the files studied to the Scientific Council to all relevant departments in order to implement the decisions taken.

Follow-up research activities: This department performs the following tasks:

By Decree No. 721 of November 10, 2011 which includes the qualification of the Department of History of the University of Guelma for training
Obtain a PhD and organize the university qualification and the scholarship.
The department receives the files, organizes them and saves them and memorizes them .......

* Department of Cooperation and External Relations: This department performs several tasks, the most important of which are:

Assistant professors, non-practicing doctoral students, administrative staff and technicians are the recipients of the corresponding files

By the scientific bodies of the College and prepare their administrative documents for financial clearance and transfer them to the relevant authorities.

Under the 2015 financial year:

Assistant Professors:

PhD students: L.M.D .: 11

And most of the teachers and students benefited from the internship under the agreements reached.

* High-level short-term scientific education (Reskala):

Higher education teachers and professors lectured and benefited in 2015:

Teachers of higher education:

Speakers Speakers: 12

* Participation in scientific events:

The professors are professors, associate professors and non-practicing PhD students.

All these files are again submitted to the Scientific Council for approval of the product of the return of trainees in the short term and are kept in the interest.

Periodic statistics and copies of the return files are prepared and sent to the presidency of the University of Foreign Relations, Cooperation, Communication and Scientific Events.

* Scientific events programmed at the college level:

After approval by the Scientific Council of the proposals submitted by the professors to organize scientific events (meetings, seminars, study days, etc.) are followed.

And has been scheduled for the following 2015:

- philosophy and paris of contemporary society International forum of 20 and 21 April 2015

- Algerian Audiovisual Production - National Forum on Achievements and Challenges of October 21 and 22, 2015

- Electronic Society and Sustainable Development in the Arab World, International Forum 23 and 24 November 2015