Doctoral Days Events Schedule

Announcement to the Heads of Departments /

2019 Doctoral Days Events Schedule: Schedule

Phd Admission Tests

The Vice Presidency of Graduate Post, announces the Phd Admission Tests for the academic year 2019/2020 as follows:

1- Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty: download the announcement

2- Vice Presidency of Graduate Post: download the announcement

3- Phd Admission Tests Schedule: Schedule

Visual Brief Introduction to Information and Communication and Library Sciences:

Brief introduction to the Information & Communication and Library Sciences Department, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, University of May 8 1945 Guelma, as part of the 2019 Open Doors of the University.

Senior Lecturer Class 'A' Qualification

Announcement of the discussion on the Senior Lecturer Class 'A' Qualification for Dr. Attabi Sana, which is scheduled on: Wednesday 17/07/2019 at 9:00 am in the Faculty's discussions room...Announcement


On the occasion of the 57th anniversary of Independence Day: July 5, 1962, the Dean of the Faculty presents his sincere congratulations to the family of the faculty asking Allah to help us all to preserve the martyrs' trust and to work for the pride and prosperity of the fatherland.



Temporary grant for consultation: 13/2019, for books acquisition for the benefit of the faculty...Announcement


Temporary grant for consultation: 12/2019, for housing (unclassified institutions) for the benefit of the faculty ... Announcement

Temporary grant for consultation : 11/2019, for restoration in the city for the benefit of the faculty  ... Announcement

Consultation N°: 2019/10, for panels printing for the benefit of the faculty is not fructuous ... Announcement


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